A Comprehensive Computer Package for the Analysis and Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures

The RAPT analysis and design package for reinforced and post-tensioned concrete structural systems has been written and developed by practising structural engineers as an everyday design tool. It is comprehensive in its treatment of the analysis and design of structural concrete.

* RAPT allows optimization of a prestressed concrete solution with the ability to investigate a number of possible configurations to a high degree of accuracy very rapidly.



Official realease of RAPT version available for download from downloads page. Includes latest version of AS3600-2018, full compatibility with Windows 10 and many other changes. See Upgrade Notes for details.

Design using Fielders KingFlor Metal Decking added. Also designs for Metal Decking to Eurocode.

Generation of DXF drawing for tendon profiles added

Design for carbon Fibre strengthening added

Automatic generation of Moving Load envelopes added.

Automatic Pattern Loading for Deflections added.

Partial patterning of live loads for ultimate shear strength analysis added.

Indian Concrete Design Codes, IS456 &  IS1343 included in latest release as a beta release while external checking is done.

Hong Kong CP2004 design code included in latest release.

Column Design program now included in the latest release.

RAPT release version available for download for current users. This version should only be downloaded and installed by users on maintenance contracts or who have upgraded within the last 12 months. Those users whose upgrade is more than 12 months old will have to purchase  a new upgrade to use this version. If you are unsure of your status please contact us at or to check. 
Dongle drivers compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10 are now available from the downloads page.


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11 Feb 2021