'A Comprehensive Computer Package for the Design of reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures'

RAPT release version for Windows
PCDC is pleased to offer this release of RAPT version for Windows. This release now includes
  • A complete rewrite of the method for calculation of deflections from section curvatures to remove the inconsistencies in the older versions. This should remove previous inconsistencies in results which showed as discontinuities or kinks in the deflected shape near support locations. This has also fixed the previous inconsistency with deflections for cases with significant support settlement. The new method is described in the Theory section of the Help, T 7.7.1.
  • Addition of a Linear Shrinkage profile in Design Data - Deflections for the calculation of deflections for members where the concrete shrinkage is different at the top and bottom surfaces, eg with Metal Decking.
  • In previous versions, in the long-term section analysis of sections, creep was modelled in the section analysis but the shrinkage effect was added as an extra curvature. To allow for the variable shrinkage in the Linear Shrinkage model mentioned above, the effects of both creep and shrinkage are now modelled in the section analysis to determine the long-term curvature of the section under permanent loads.
Previous versions included
  • AS3600-2018 code changes.
  • New concrete stress/strain curve based on Eurocode 2 curve.
  • New implementation of the Offset of the bending moment diagram rule.
  • Addition of Designer Comments to the output report.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 8/10.

This version should only be downloaded and installed by users on maintenance contracts or who have upgraded within the last 12 months. Those users whose upgrade is more than 12 months old will have to purchase  a new upgrade to use this version. If you are unsure of your status send an email to or to check.

RAPT will run from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The latest Service Pack for the version of Windows being used should be installed.

RAPT requires a RAPT Dongle to run. A demo version of RAPT that does not require a dongle is also available in the download area.

When loading the program, RAPT will check the dongle to make sure it is allowed to run on this version of RAPT. If it detects a problem with the licensing of the dongle, in most cases it will set itself as a demonstration dongle and allow full access to this version of RAPT for a period of 50 hours. This will give us time to sort out any licensing issues for that dongle. In all cases, the dongle will still be able to run RAPT. Please let us know if your dongle is set as a demonstration dongle if you think you should have full access so that we can sort out the discrepancy.

Updated versions of this release will be posted to this web site as problems are found and fixed. Please check periodically for the latest version.

Download RAPT version (last updated on 19 Dec 2022)
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19 Dec 2022